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In 2020, Howard & Co Attire was born. Mr Darran Howard created a brand and unique design as he saw a gap in the suit/fashion industry. With the standard look, be it for business/work, smartness, weddings, or special events/occasions, he wanted to give a full contrast look of empowerment. With our fitted trousers look, standout waistcoats, and all the accessories from shirts, ties, pocketchiefs, jewellery, and more to add to your stylish blazer. We have a variety of clients, including many in the celebrity world, who have chosen to come and be fitted by Darran and his team. Howard & Co Attire are here to support our clientele with a touch of elegance and give our gentlemen a signature look to feel great along with being noticed.

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Director of Howard & Co Attire - Mr Darran Howard